What Are The Different Types of Tap Faucet?

What Are The Different Types of Tap Faucet?

Faucets are common sanitary ware hardware in our daily life. There are many kinds of materials, and the replacement speed is very fast. More and more consumers will consider materials, functions, shapes and other aspects when purchasing faucets. What are the types of faucets? The following will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of various faucets. Hoping to help you when you buy them.

1.According to cartridge

The cartridge is the heart of the faucet. Now the common cartridge are: stainless steel, copper and ceramic cartridge. For ceramics, Advantages: Ideal cartridge material, affordable, wear-resistant, good sealing, long life, high temperature resistance. Disadvantages: brittle texture, easy to break. For Stainless steel, Advantages: long life, sensitive, repairable, less demanding on water quality and it can be disassembled for cleaning. Disadvantages: The cost is higher than other types, because it’s manufacturing process is more refined and difficult. For copper, Advantages: Light weight. Disadvantages: short life, wear and tear will leak water, poor copper quality is easy to accumulate water, long-term use will cause patina.

2.According to material

Brass: The surface is chrome-plated, anti-wear, anti-corrosion, glossy. However, if the electroplating process on the surface is not good for a long time, it will fall off after a long time. In addition, the copper faucet contains lead, and the lead and other substances in it may be released into the tap Faucet water after a long time.

SUS304:  Beautiful and elegant, exquisite workmanship, healthy material, acid resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, the service life can reach 100 years, but the production is complicated, and the interior is easy to corrode.

Zinc: The surface is smooth, with good mechanical properties and wear resistance. The price is cheaper than copper faucets. However, it is poor in corrosion resistance, contaminant precipitation and durability.

Plastic: Rich in shape and color, heat-resistant, non-deformable, not easy to scratch, environmentally friendly and healthy, easy to install. But it has a short service life time, if used in the sun for less than a year, it will corrode.

Iron: The price is relatively cheap, you can buy it for three or five RMB, but it has a short life time and a single function. It is mostly installed in conventional simple public buildings and civil building facilities. 

3.According to functions

Single Cold Faucet: Only connect one cold water pipe or hot water pipe. Like, single basin tap and the single cold kitchen tap Faucet.

Hot & Cold Faucet: Connect hot and cold water pipe. Can come out hot or cold water. Like, the mixed water basin facuet, and mixed kitchen faucet.

3 Functions Faucet: In addition to have a better shower expenience. It also connect the the shower head. Like, bathtub faucet and the showers.


4.According to finish

Chrome: The most common processing method, with a slight color, has a strong passivation ability, is not easy to change in a humid environment. And can maintain the surface gloss for a long time.

PVD: PVD  coating is physical vapor deposition, which is an advanced surface treatment technology widely used in the world. Rich and elegant colors, excellent resistance to harsh environments, easy to clean and colorfast.

Brushed Nickel: Under the effect of external force, the surface is textured, which makes the visual effect of the faucet rough. While the hand feeling is very delicate, showing a restrained beauty.

ORB:On copper or copper-plated surface, oxidized and dyed into bronze or black, and can be brushed or polished later, and finally sprayed with oil. It is black and brown. And the edges and corners will have a red brushed texture through brush, which has a retro flavor.

Painting: Spray paint on the faucet surface for many times, and each time it is sprayed. it must be sent into a dust-free constant temperature paint baking room for electric heating or far-infrared high-temperature baking, so that the paint layer is cured. The surface is lubricated. And the luster is brilliant, which can appear similar to the visual texture of a piano.  

5.According to switch mode

Sensor Faucet: Turn on the water without touching the faucet.

Single handle faucet: Only with a single handle, flexible switch, long life, more economical and practical.

Double handle faucet: It has twohandles to adjust water temperature and water volume, which is not very convenient.

In-line faucet:The handle generally needs to be rotated 90 degrees, the switch is flexible, the temperature adjustment is simple, and the service life is long.

Spiral faucet: Large water output and low price. But it is easy to tighten for a long time.


6.According to other features

According to installtion ways: pull out facuet, wall mounted facuet, deck mounted facuet

According to application places: basin faucet,kitchen facuet,shower faucet,bathtub faucet.

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