QMS(Quality Management System)

PINDA requires all departments to strictly follow by QMS from design and development, production, inspection to sales. Only in this way can we guarantee the quality of products, meet customer needs,serve customers and develop a larger market.

1.Raw Material-A Material Analysis Test Report for each bath.

2.IQC-Income material should’t be used until it has been inspected.

3.Plating Test-protected by 7 layers of electroplating to achieve.

4.Water Flow Test-High-flow faucets meet international standards.

5.Salt Spray Test-Grade 10 electroplating, pass 24-hour salt spray test.

6.Life Cycle Test-test the life time of the cartridge, 500,000open and close times without water leakage.

7.Water&Air Test-test every faucet before package for leaks.

8.Thermostatic Test-test the water temperature and the sensitivity of the cartridge to temperature.

ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning)

PIINDA ERP system strictly follows up every parts of the factory, material tracking, procurement process, production progress, inventory and other parts are very clearly recorded. An orderly factory can better serve customers.

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