High Quality Sanitary Ware Brass Hot and Cold Single Handle Deck Mounted Sink Kitchen Faucet

Categories Pull out Kitchen Faucet
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Brand Pinda
Model LL-1001RB
Style Contemporary
Usage For family bathroom, hotel bathroom and so on
Form of sale OEM & ODM Manufacture
Surface Finish Chrome, brushed nickel, matte black+rose gold, etc
Brass Content ≥59%
Cartridge Life test No leakage after 300,000 times using 300,000 times open and close
FOB port Jiangmen
Terms of Payment L/C, D/A, D/P, Western Union, MoneyGram, T/T, Paypal
Update Time 2020-08-10

High Quality Sanitary Ware Brass Hot and Cold Single Handle Deck Mounted Sink Kitchen Faucet 有 6 个评价

  1. Sanford Lum

    Love this faucet! The only downside is that I am leaving a lot of finger oils on the spot where I tend to touch it on and off.

    Some other details that were not apparent to me when I purchased it:
    – When you use touch it goes to the flow rate and temperature that are already set by the handle. You still have to move the handle to change these.
    If the handle is set to off, then nothing happens when you touch it,
    – The faucet times out after 4 minutes and automatically shuts itself off
    – The head is not touch sensitive, but the rest of it is. So you always have to be careful when pulling it out or pushing it back in so you don’t unintentionally turn it off or on.

  2. Jeff in Calgary

    After one month, the faucet has proven to be a superb addition to my kitchen. It did not take too long to get used to the immediate touch response which has proven useful when baking or doing other tasks where one’s hands can become covered in flour etc… The choice of straight flow or spray is easily controlled. All in all, a fine product with thoughtful design features.

  3. Jeff in Calgary

    Very happy with this faucet. The magnet works tremendously well to keep the spray head in when you turn the water off, and I have no complaints about the faucet at all. Be sure to measure, the faucet is quite tall and comes out very far- it would not work for a small sink. I love the fact that it turns 360 degrees, great for filling up pots. And the pull down sprayer reaches down far enough to clean every inch of my sink.

  4. Marjorie L.

    It’s hard to find a good brand kitchen faucet with a handle that doesn’t move backwards. The handle for this Delta Essa Faucet stops exactly as shown in the photo, parallel to the faucet. To turn it on/off, you move the handle out/in and to adjust for heat, move forward. Because we have a bar-type countertop/backsplash directly behind the kitchen sink, there is less than two inches of clearance from the counter wall to the faucet. Most faucets I looked at in retail stores did not have this particular feature so I was quite happy when I found the Essa.

  5. Jim Decker

    I replaced an American Standard faucet that lasted 2 years and was then warranty replaced, 3 times. I grew tired of the labor of replacing it. I bought this one because it requires very little clearance behind (1.5″ from center of hole) AND the handle does not move backwards at all – a necessity in my situation because of a window shelf behind the faucet. The 9159 is another faucet that meets this criteria, but we felt like the lines of it would be more difficult to keep clean. Installation was simple and straightforward. A couple of differences from our old faucet are taking some time for us to adjust to. One is the sprayer vs. normal aerated flow is a switch – on or off. On our old one, when you shut off the water on spray, it switched automatically back to aerated flow. This one will stay on spray. It wouldn’t be an issue at all except that the pressure of the sprayer is much greater on this one than our old one. If you hold a dirty plate 6 inches below the faucet and turn it on, you may well end up with food on you or all around the sink if the last person left it on spray. I’m not dinging it for that since that feature on our old faucet was one of the first things to quit working. My major criteria for satisfaction with the faucet will come from it lasting more than 2 years, so … time will tell. I’m optimistic though – we chose Delta because we’ve remodeled 3 bathrooms and put Delta in all 3 and everything works beautifully just as when we put them in.

  6. Jim Decker

    If you are looking for a snazzy looking pull down faucet for your sink, look no further. I’d been researching these for some time, and I settled on Delta for two reasons: One – The simplistic, elegant look of the faucet. Two – It has a magnetic return for the pull down hose, eliminating the need for weights on the hoses. In addition, I paid about $70 less for it on Amazon than in a local plumbing store. The plumber who installed it asked me the price and he couldn’t believe it. Delta is one of the few, if any others, who use the magnetic return on the hose instead of weights. This means that the hose always finds its way back to the faucet without lagging in the future, and the need for adjusting the weights. It goes back to the faucet each and every time, with authority. One thing to point out, the water stream is smaller than other faucets I have used in the past, but it comes out powerfully as it does in spray mode. The other thing is that you have to pull out the handle to the right / left to use the water, instead of the usual up / down method that most use. It takes some getting used to, as the up / down controls the water temp on this one, not the water flow. The looks and class of this faucet far outweigh any slight adjustments you will have to make. It is a lighter metal than most, almost feeling like a heavy plastic / light aluminum piping, but it becomes the focal point of your sink by it’s looks alone.



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