Contemporary ceramic cartridge 304 stainless steel taps water tap mixer kitchen faucet for sink

Categories Hot Cold Kitchen Faucets
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Brand PINDA®
Model LL1019
Business Type Faucets & Bathroom Accessories Manufacturer
Factory audit report SGS, ISO, BV, TUV
Product certifications cUPC; NSF; Low-Lead; CE; ACS; EN1111; EN817
Material SUS304
Acid salt spray test 24 Hours
FOB port Jiangmen
Terms of Payment L/C, D/A, D/P, Western Union, T/T, Paypal
Update Time 2020-09-09
  • Single handle design for effortless flow control.
  • Superior corrosion and rust-resistant finish.
  • Top-quality cartridge for reliable use.

Contemporary ceramic cartridge 304 stainless steel taps water tap mixer kitchen faucet for sink 有 5 个评价

  1. fyrgs

    Our kitchen faucet recently died and we ordered this faucet as a replacement, excited that we would receive it relatively quickly and be able to install it this weekend so we could resume using our kitchen sink. However, when we opened the box, we immediately noticed a big scratch in the finish on the long stem part of the faucet. This is definitely a QC issue as the scratch will eventually rust, not to mention it looks really bad. We are extremely frustrated because we now have no use of our kitchen sink until we can get another one. This is a huge inconvenience. I can’t believe something like this was not caught during the quality check before the product was packaged and shipped! Very frustrated as we were really looking forward to installing this kitchen faucet and having our sink up and running again!

  2. FULI

    THIS IS THE ONE TO BUY!!! Very well made and beautiful finish. Works perfect. Very easy installation. The LARGE single “nut” (holds the unit to the sink) is the BEST EVER. Every other faucet I have installed used a small plastic nut with 4 wings to grab to tighten. This unit has a very robust plastic barrel with METAL THREADS inside…..AWESOME. Comes with spare parts for the spray head and 1/2″ adaptors for water lines, nice.

  3. sugu

    his faucet is a replacement for a 15 year old “brand name” single handle unit with pull-down spray head. This faucet had starting leaking at the valve assemblies in the faucet body and I didn’t want to try to repair those. Spent 2.5 – 3 hours extracting the old unit…corrosion and stripped threads made this part of the job almost undoable. That and the poor mechanical design of the old unit made for a lot of blood, sweat, and tears on my part.

  4. dulli

    I am so impressed with my new faucet! I was in dire need and knew nothing about faucets, just a handful of brand names. In my research I found the WE WE and every review was exceptional. I only knew that they were $100 less than the well known name brands so I had to try. The installation was simple and no need to call a professional. I love everything about it, the pull down sprayer, the height, AND my water pressure increased exponentially! I can’t turn it all full blast when I get cooking because I would make a huge mess! Let me tell you when Home Depot has a huge sale 4 days after I installed my new faucet I was not even tempted to look. They also, have an extended warranty which only proves their confidence in their own product. Thanks to amazon I would never have found We We in my own.

  5. suhu

    This only took me about 10 minutes to install after I removed my old faucet. Was very easy to install, and as long as the area where the weight and hose pulls the handle is clear, the head returns easily and firmly. The one thing I didn’t like, all pictures showed the handle in the total vertical position. I assumed that the hot water was perfectly vertical, and cold water was perfectly horizonal. Instead, when installed with the handle on the right, the cold water is 45° toward the backsplash and the hot water is 45° toward the sink or the user.



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