304 Stainless Steel Tap Cold Water Faucets Basin Faucet

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Brand PINDA®
Model LL1005
Business Type Faucets & Bathroom Accessories Manufacturer
Factory audit report SGS, ISO, BV, TUV
Product certifications cUPC; NSF; Low-Lead; CE; ACS; EN1111; EN817
Material SUS304
Acid salt spray test 24 Hours
FOB port Jiangmen
Terms of Payment L/C, D/A, D/P, Western Union, T/T, Paypal
Update Time 2020-09-09
  • Single handle design for effortless flow control.
  • Superior corrosion and rust-resistant finish.
  • Top-quality cartridge for reliable use

304 Stainless Steel Tap Cold Water Faucets Basin Faucet 有 6 个评价

  1. Peppa Unboxing

    The faucet came in damaged and brand new. I could tell by even the smell. The installation was pretty easy. It took about a total of 30 mins. The faucet has two spray functions and a stop button. I posted videos to show how the functions work. The interior hose is not made of metal. It looks like it’s a mesh hose. The weight seems to be heavy enough to retract the hose. I think the product works well just as advertised. Didn’t have any issues with it at all. I definitely recommend others!

  2. Frostz

    Got this to replace our short/low faucet coz we are having a hard time washing pots that are high/tall and everything is all good..the only thing i switch is the installation for the hot and cold the default is pull towards you is hot and i dont want it coz i have kids so i connected the blue hose to the hot valve the red hose to the cold valve..everything else is all good really great buy.

  3. Ernest M. Leo

    When I opened the package I was very happy to see the hot and cold water supply lines along with the adapter were factory installed. This made the installation of the faucet very easy and much faster. To also help with installation the hot and cold supply lines are color coded with red (hot) and blue (cold) stripes designating each line. The faucet has some weight to it so it was necessary to place something heavy on the hole cover making it easier to install the rubber and metal washers with the open hole secure nut. With some of the installation pre-done at the factory I was able to remove and install the faucets in approximately 1 hour. After installing the new faucet I tested for leaks by running both the hot and cold water. I was very happy to not find any leaks and at the same time test how the faucet worked. The faucet is well made with all the water lines being non-bursting. Very happy with this purchase.

  4. Cindy

    After reading all the reviews, I decided we would try this faucet. For the $$$ it seemed worth the chance. Wow! We are so pleased with this faucet. Still can’t believe the quality for the price. I would recommend this faucet to anyone looking to upgrade whether on a budget or not. Great value, great look. Great function.

  5. Justin

    I was a little skeptical at the price and the fact it wasn’t a big name brand. I’m always terrified of cheap plumbing related fixtures breaking, because you’ll spend thousands to fix damage that an extra $20 or $30 product could have saved. However, this is a great product! My old American Standard brand faucet broke at the threaded neck, from rust. The gasket must have been leaking for some time, and the screws stripped on me too. I ended up having to cut the old water lines and break the rest of the faucet to get it out. That was kind of a nightmare, and was hoping it wasn’t foreshadowing what I was about to endure. But it wasn’t. Installing this was smooth sailing and easy. My sink has a three hole setup so I used the base plate. I like the base plates foam gasket instead of the thin plastic ones you typically get. While I was screwing things down you can see the foam really seal things up and vanish from sight. I’m sure this won’t rust out like my old one. I also really like the finish, it doesn’t advertise it is spot resistant but it doesn’t really get water spots or fingerprints. Maybe because it’s stainless and not nickel? I’m not sure, but that was nice to see and unexpected at this price point.

    Only concern I have is when I pull down the spout to wash dishes the hole faucet/sink flex a little. This could be due to my sink being a thin stainless as well. I’m not rough on my stuff so I’m not too concerned but it is something I keep in the back of my mind when I’m doing dishes. (Be careful just in case.)

    I’d recommend this to anyone! Why spend $100…$150…$200 on a faucet at the big box store when you can get this for a fraction of the price??

  6. Sahil Bhalla

    Great faucet for great price! I bought a faucet for my father in law recently from a big box hardware store for about two times the price of this faucet. I can definitely vouch that the quality of this faucet and ease to install was better than the previous one I bought. It comes with water lines – always replace your water lines!!! Also the weight attachment was easy to install. Overall very happy with the faucet.



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