304 Stainless Steel kitchen faucet

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Brand PINDA®
Model LL1015
Business Type Faucets & Bathroom Accessories Manufacturer
Factory audit report SGS, ISO, BV, TUV
Product certifications cUPC; NSF; Low-Lead; CE; ACS; EN1111; EN817
Material SUS304
Acid salt spray test 24 Hours
FOB port Jiangmen
Terms of Payment L/C, D/A, D/P, Western Union, T/T, Paypal
Update Time 2020-09-09

single lever handle for simple water temperature adjustment.

Provides long lasting durability.

304 Stainless Steel kitchen faucet 有 7 个评价

  1. Nate

    Ok, I have to preface this review by saying out of the thousands of items I have bought on Amazon, I have never felt the need to write a review.

    While the faucet is amazing and we are happy with the purchase, it is the customer service that warrants a review over 3 years later. After 3 years of flawless service we started to notice that the handle needed to be pushed hard and in a very precise location to stop the faucet from dripping. I looked into this and found that this is a somewhat common problem after a few years of use. The bonnet nut and valve cartridge (both located in the handle) can wear out causing this issue to appear.

    I was able to locate these parts for purchase online and in fact on Amazon. However, someone in the reviews for the parts wrote that Delta will replace these items for free if you contact them. Low and behold I wrote them my problem via email and I kid you not, 10 minutes later they already wrote me back saying they were mailing the parts out.

    They came in the mail today, just replaced and the faucet works flawlessly again. This level of customer service is rare nowadays and again warranted a positive review from someone who never writes them!

  2. Deb

    I have had my spot free stainless faucet for 2 months and I love it. As long as you wipe off any drips on the stainless, it looks brand new. I love the ShieldSpray Technology. It really helps remove food stuck to your plate like cheese, potatoes, rice, etc. I’ve used it to clean out the bottom of my kitchen recycle bin and it worked great. I’ve also used it to pinpoint water directly on a stain on clothes

  3. AZJules

    I took a chance on spending a little extra to get the “touch-less” faucet. I’m glad I did. I cook a lot, sometimes all day. When my hands are covered in flour or other messy foods, a simple light touch and the water comes on. I don’t have to wipe down my handle that has sticky dough on it or anything else. The light tells me when there’s hot water.
    It wasn’t easy to install. If you have a new granite install, make sure the hole is far enough away from the sink bowl drop. Our faucet hole was drilled too close to the underside of where the sink drops down and the mounting bracket can’t grab securely. So now only one side of the bracket is secure. Not a huge problem because the faucet is tight and doesn’t move, but in the future if it does get loose, I’m going to have to crawl under the sink to tighten it.

  4. OneNOnly

    We all like this new faucet in the house. The pull down nozzle clamps back on easily with the magnet. The touch on feature isn’t perfect but it’s good enough and we always use it. It’s more sensitive toward the bottom of the faucet, often takes two fingers to trigger it up by the tap. The sprays are good, we don’t use the non splash spray, don’t know if our pressure is too low or if I’m just not impressed. I like the stream spray because I can actually target it to a spot on a plate, other faucets usually have a broad spray which is part of what causes you getting splashed in the first place. The touch on feature helps our kids use the sink while they still can’t reach the handle. The color feature helps warn us and our kids when it’s hot! Great product. Installed about a month now.

  5. responder

    After trying and failing to install a flawed (and less expensive) faucet, I ordered this one. It was one of my best decisions ever. I installed the faucet myself (64-year-old retired woman) and was completely intimidated after having so much trouble with the earlier. This one went in like a dream. The instructions were not terribly complete, but they were much better than instructions on other faucets. I was able to follow them, between the explanations and the pictures.

  6. JRE’s Mom

    So, my old pull-down, kitchen faucet began to leak and couldn’t easily be repaired. I was looking for a quick fix that would be delivered quickly. I researched multiple brands of pull-down faucets and this model kept appearing at the top of lists. I purchased it. I put 4 stars for installation only because it took the plumber a bit longer than usual. I’m sure if I had put in a faucet prior, I could have done this, but I’m a big chicken when it comes to plumbing and electricity.

  7. K2

    Best kitchen sink faucet yet! Really like the smooth operation and features. Went on line and saw a few after market mods that I incorporated as follows: Get yourself some small nylon tie-wraps to secure the hose connector to avoid having the two hose pieces separate at the connector. Seems some users experienced this problem and it makes quite a mess…



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