5 Things to Consider Before You Buy a Kitchen Sink

Before buy a kitchen sink, you must consider these 5 steps:

1.Consider the material

At present, there are three common kitchen sink materials on the market, stainless steel sinks, quartz stone sinks, and ceramic sinks. The advantages of stainless steel sinks are easy to maintain, tough, scratch resistant, and affordable. The disadvantage is that the appearance value is not particularly high. And for the quartz stone sinks, the advantages is its beautiful surface, and also it is hard and scratch-resistant, and easy to take care of. The disadvantage is that it is expensive. Ceramic sinks are not oil-resistant and difficult to take care of, so sinks of this material are rarely used in the kitchen. If you consider the cost performance, choose 304 stainless steel sink with nano antibacterial coating, and choose quartz stone if you consider the appearance and texture. The sinks of these two materials are easy to maintain, and the steel ball will not leave traces after rubbing them, and it is very convenient to clean. It will stay bright for ten years.

2.Choose a drop-in or undermount

According to the installation method of the kitchen sink, it is generally divided into two categories: above-counter basin and under-counter basin. This two installation methods are very common. And each one has advantages and disadvantages. Countertop Basin: If there is no requirement during the decoration, most cabinets are designed for countertop basin unless you custom the cabinets. The installation method is very simple, and the installation can be completed by directly sealing the edge with glass glue. The advantages of the countertop basin are that it is easy to install and cost-effective for labor, easy to maintain after use and damage. And has a high bearing capacity, and a large storage space is reserved under the sink. The disadvantage of it is that there are many dead corners around the bottom of the basin, which is inconvenient to clean, and the edge sealing around the sink is prone to moisture and mildew after long-term use, and the problem of falling off and seepage occurs. The under the counter basin: A popular installation method in recent years, the basin is installed under the cabinet, cleverly avoiding the drawbacks of the two installation methods on the counter and under the counter. The advantage of the under counter basin are simple, easy to clean and maintain, and not easy to seep water. The disadvantage is that improper installation can easily lead to poor load-bearing effect, and the installation process requires high requirements, and subsequent maintenance and replacement need to be completely removed. As long as the under-counter basin is reinforced, the overall load-bearing effect is better than that of the over-counter basin.

3.Select the right size

If the length of the kitchen sink is less than 80 cm, choose a single bowl sink. The single bowl sink is convenient for washing pots, and it can hold a lot of bowls and plates. For this size, the double bowl sinks are very small and inconvenient to use. If you are afraid of wasting water when washing things, Then you can add one more movable basin, and the single bowl sink will become a double bowls sink , or even a triple bowls sink. If the length of the sink is more than 80 cm, you can choose a single or double bowl sink, but the width of one single bowl sink must be more than 65 cm.  What’s more, the depth is preferably more than 20 cm high. It will not splash water everywhere when washing things. Use it with the pull-out kitchen faucet is perfect, all the corners will be washed very cleanly.

4.Choose a thick kitchen sink

For the thickness of the sink, The thicker ,the better, and the minimum selection is more than 0.8 mm. If it is too thin, it is easy to leak and deform. The noise of launching is also loud. It is best to choose a handmade sink if you have a sufficient budget. Looks better and lasts longer. If you want to launch the water faster and more smoothly, it is best to choose a round water outlet.

5.Pick a side: single or double bowl?

The operating table is not more than 4 meters, choose a single slot. If the table top is large enough, choose double grooves, and choose rounded inner corners, not straight inner corners.

Friendly tips: The anti-condensation coating under the sink is very important. If the sink does not have it, it is basically a poor quality product. As soon as the water is used in the later stage, water vapor will be generated on the back, and the cabinet will be easily damp.

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