• Our chief designer Mr. Herbort has more than 20 years of experience in designing bathroom products. Every new product will cause a new trend, which is one of the reasons why our products are so popular at home and abroad.
  • Most of the inspiration for product design comes from nature and life. Good products come from life and are used for life.Mr. Rerbort will lead our R&D team to create more excellent designs


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High Quality Material

Pinda selects high-quality brass as raw materials. which will not precipitate harmful substances like other metals and harm people’s health. No rust, corrosion resistance, and lead-free are the biggest features of brass faucets.

Ceramic Cartridge

The cartridge is the heart of a faucet. All our products are made of high-quality ceramic cartridge. It is more durable, wear-resistant and does not rust. The high-quality ceramic cartridge can reach 500,000 times of opening and closing without water leakage.

Good Surface

The Brushed Nickel process continues to develop and the new technology makes the surface of the product more beautiful and softer. And it can avoid the secondary pollution caused by electroplating. The 21st world is an era in which beauty and health are pursued. We must choose high-quality products.

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Quality Material

Use high-quality raw materials to produce products to ensure product quality.


Strictly qualified product quality has been successfully recognized by many customers at home and abroad.

Trained Workers

Most of the staff have more than 10 years experience in faucet products. Every employee is well trained.

Time Availability

The well-organized and rigorous production process and complete production line can ensure the delivery time of customers.

Quick Response

Professional, well-trained salespeople and customer service staff are online 24 hours a day. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

5 Year Warranty

The products we sell are sent to customers after strict testing. The quality is absolutely qualified and satisfied.

People Say The Nicest Things


What I like about this set is the installation. My sink came with mounting holes pre-drilled for faucets and accessories such as side sprays and soap dispensers. This faucet fits right in without any modifications.


I’ve been eyeing this type of faucet for a while now since my old faucet has been leaking lately especially whenever I pull on it. It hasn’t been rotating from side to side smoothly either. I was glad to find this at such a good price!


I absolutely love this faucet. It is beautiful and works great. It has strong pressure, the pull down retracts easily, it was easy to install and a great value. It was an amazing good order. I love the products of this brand.

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